The most laborious part of search engine optimization of any site is Building Quality Links for it. The links are added through carefully choosing the sites with high page ranks, same niche as yours and by using search engine optimized Keywords. It is the process of creating link popularity and link reputation. Link popularity is an indication of how popular your site is as a destination from other sites. Links to your site give search engines a good idea of how relevant and important your site is. Some search engines won’t even rank a site that doesn’t have at least one external link pointing to it. Like the experts say, the Internet is the ultimate democracy and the site with the most “votes” (links) wins the highest rankings. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN interpret a link from page A to page B as a “vote.”

The popularity and ranking of the external page that links back to you also has an impact to your link reputation when search engines evaluate your site. In other words, getting a link from a site with low search engine rankings will not be as beneficial as getting one from a popular, high ranking site. In other words to rank high in Google it is important that you should only acquire links from quality relevant sites in your industry, niche or topic.

Links are especially helpful for new sites that may not yet be indexed by a major search engine like Google. Links produce spider traffic. (Spiders are the automated programs created by search engines that crawl the Web looking for sites that match with keywords.) If the site that is linked to yours has been indexed, the spiders that visit that site will also visit yours.

Most people believe that sheer number of links will automatically improve the rankings. However, complexities arise because of the qualifiers that distinguish a quality link from an irrelevant one. Getting a link per se is not difficult. In fact, it’s easy, thanks to ‘free for all’ link sites and ‘link farming,’ which is the process of linking to totally irrelevant sites purely for boosting the link popularity score. These easy links invite strict penalty resulting in lower page ranks or they can be even banned by search engines.

Once again we cannot emphasize enough the importance of you letting us professionals do this for you. Link building is The Most Time Consuming part of Search Engine Optimization of your site. Here at Social Media Leap, we emphasize on Quality and not Quantity of your links with appropriate web sites using SEO keywords resulting in targeted traffic to your site. We understand that there are no short cuts to quality links. We closely analyze your site’s theme among other relevant factors before placing your links. Let us build the required quality links to your site while you take care of other important aspects of running your business.

We guarantee our customers a certain level of quality and our only aim is to achieve it with results. We ensure:

1. That we secure only unidirectional links.

2. Links are relevant in terms of business practice and keywords.

3. The sites we link to are rated in a varied way on Page Rank.

4. We don’t use any JavaScript or flash embedded links that will fail to be read by search engines.

5. We don’t use paid or time limited links.

6. Our links are spread over a variety of domains.

Now if you still insist that you want to do it on your own then please follow the SE’s guidelines.

Quality Link Building Tips:

There are various ways of building quality links, each having advantages over the other. One way is to submit your website to directories, this is where you pick a top level category and include your website and description in there. This can be very useful as a popular directory can provide you with targeted traffic. Directories often come in three forms, free non reciprocal (you can submit it for free with out needing to link back to them), free reciprocal (you can submit your link for free but you will have to have a link from your site to the directory in order to get accepted) or paid directory (where you have to pay either per month/year/permanent in order to get your site listed). However it has to be done manually. You have to make sure that you find every single directory with a higher page rank and then submit your site in the right category. These directories are edited by humans and they ONLY accept sites submitted in the correct category. You must also use Search Engine Optimized keywords for Title, Description, Keywords & Summary in order to get higher rankings and targeted traffic.

Another way is to contact similar sites in your niche asking for a link exchange which can also provide you with targeted traffic from time to time. For example if you have a site selling perfumes, contact sites that sell cosmetics, essential oils etc and ask to trade links as you can also provide them with traffic. Make sure you trade with the right sites that will actually give you a benefit as too many outgoing links can have a negative effect on your site.

You can write articles based on your niche that people will find interesting and submit them to article directories, make sure you embed a link back to your site so that if people use them it will provide a back link unless they go to the trouble of taking it out.

A new method that is becoming popular is to sponsor word press themes, once someone has made a theme and got sponsors they will submit it to various theme sites where people can download them for free and use with their blog. If they do that they will have a link pointing to your site. Only pick ones that you think will be downloaded multiple times in order to get the best results.

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