A ‘keyword’ is a word or a phrase used to find targeted results in internet searches. Keyword selection is the most crucial part to the success of any search engine optimization campaign and is always the first place to start. Some experts recommend beginning your keyword research even before you build your website. While this may not be practical for everyone, it certainly makes sense to start your keyword research at the earliest opportunity. Obviously this is one of our main focuses when we start building your site. This way one doesn’t have to work as hard and spend as much to bring up your site in search engine rankings later on.

Using the right ‘keywords’ or ‘keyword phrases’ based on thorough keyword research helps to pre-qualify your prospects, which attracts serious buyers while filtering out those who are looking for something else.

It is important to recognize that the most suitable keywords are not necessarily the ones which you think are the best, but those which will bring you the most potential customers. The keywords you want to focus on are the ones which people type into the search engines when they are looking for the information, products or services which you have to offer.

One way to optimize your Keyword Strategy is if you have tools to access your server logs, you may be able to see the keywords which customers are currently using to access your site. (This tool is provided if you build your site through our professional programmers). You can then capitalize on this information by optimizing your pages to further promote your products and services that people are interested in.

Another way is to generate the best keywords that should have a high popularity (a large number of searches) without being overly competitive (appearing on fewer web pages). This is sometimes called the Keyword Effectiveness Indicator or KEI. At least to begin with, it will be easier for you to rank higher for less competitive terms.

Sometimes it is considered a mistake to focus on keywords that are too general. General phrases tend to be less targeted, so although you may attract visitors to your site, they may not be the right sort of visitors. Instead choose highly focused keywords that are directly relevant to your business. This way, when visitors arrive at your site, they get exactly what they are looking for, and you get a customer who is more likely to buy your products and services.

It’s important to understand that guessing those keywords is like throwing a line in and hoping for the best. And a quick search on Google isn’t going to cut it either. Many businesses come unstuck in their online marketing because the words and phrases they THINK their prospects are typing in aren’t accurate. Getting your keyword analysis research right can shoot your site up the search rankings surprisingly quickly.

One must not put too many keywords in a Web Copy for SEO. It will be considered ‘spamming’ by most search engines and that page/site may get penalized thereby not showing up in SERP’s. You should always Analyze each page using appropriate tools for its Keyword Density making sure it is where search engines (especially Google, Yahoo & MSN) like to see it.

Accurate keyword research is the foundation of your SEO campaign. Without it, your marketing efforts can go very wrong and get very expensive. The wrong keywords can also drown your pay-per-click campaign in red ink by attracting clicks that don’t have a chance of turning into conversions.

No wonder all our SEO campaigns are successful as we spend a considerable amount of time, energy, money and various human resources just to determine these important, relevant keywords as they uniquely apply to your particular market sector or industry.

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