To have a successful business, you must promote it.  To have a successful website, you must promote your website as well – both online and offline. Your website is a marketing tool.  It is the hub of your advertising wheel.  If your website is the central source of information for everything about your company, then you really need to work hard on promoting it or Hire Professionals to do the job. It needs to be done the right way in order for your site to rank high in search engines. Here are some ways you can increase your sites ranking in search engines if done the right way. You have to make sure that everything you do is done using correct and optimized key words in order to generate the right traffic for your site.

Search Engines Optimization

This is probably one of the most difficult ways to market a site, but also one of the most popular ways due to the fact that the traffic you get can be extremely targeted to exactly what your site offers. This is especially important for sites that sell a product and are looking for a high conversion rate. It is usually better to start off targeting niche markets and low competition long tail keywords. Ranking well on Google for a phrase like ‘perfumes’ in the search engines would be difficult to do, so look for longer keywords or more detailed ones for immediate high rankings. But with patience, regular SEO techniques that we perform, it is possible to bring up your site under any keyword.

For Example : Our clients site was on page 10 in Google under the keyword ‘perfumes’ but after our help the site is on page 2(#17 out of 32 million results). Considering that the site is less than six months old it is an awesome feat. It was on page 10 in December of 2007 under the same keyword. The same site is also on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo, and & MSN search in over 50 different keywords.

Check here for the list of top ranked keywords for

Search Engine Submissions

·         First and foremost make sure you submit your site to all the major search engines.

·         We can submit your site to thousands of search engines.

·         (Find out more for search engine submission here. Like the BLAST)

Search Engine Submission Services & Pricing.

Submit Your Site to Directories

Find appropriate directories including local and industry-related directories.  There are business and article directories. You need to carefully generate your Title, Description and Keywords. If not used correctly, you may not see much traffic coming to your site nor will it rank better in search engines. In many directories, you pay for links. This is not an easy job though. Finding and submitting your site’s link in your industry related directory and under a specific category takes a long time as this is done manually. Every link is carefully hand submitted.One must choose the correct Title, Description and Keywords while submitting sites in directories in order to generate the right traffic and higher rankings. We do provide you with suggestions of correcting them if needed. We carefully generate a Meta Title, Description & Keywords before submitting your site to directories.

Sign up for directory submission service and get the following benefits:

1. Pre-selection of most appropriate site categories and submission text.
2. Hand-submissions to Free search engines & Directories.
3. Submission to Free trade-specific search engines, directories and yellow pages.
4. Paid Inclusions of Home Page to Inktomi, Fast, AltaVista, Teoma and Lycos.
5. Assistance in identifying the most appropriate category for Yahoo Submission.
6. Submission Report.

Directory Submission Services & Pricing

Write and Publish Articles

Article directories are a guaranteed way to get traffic and backlinks to your website. There are many well established article directories that have been proven to get websites traffic. People search for articles in different categories and after reading the article they usually follow a link at the bottom of the article to your website. Many websites and industry-related publications accept well-written articles on pertinent topics.  These articles position you as an expert in your field, supply great content for your website, add inbound links to your site and lead readers to your website.

Articles act as your express online messengers. Well composed and appropriately submitted articles serve better than many other forms of web promotion because useful articles easily attract the reader’s attention and help form an impressive image of your website. Thus the visitors that you receive through articles are highly motivated and pre-converted to your services. The additional advantage that articles offer you is quality incoming links and a valuable online image.We optimize your articles with relevant keywords about your product, service or area of expertise and include links pointing to your website. The keyword optimization is done (SEO) keeping your target audience in mind increasing their desire to follow the link to your site.

Article Submission Services & Pricing

Seek Backlinks for Your Website

This is arguably one of the most important ways to rank well for keywords and bring traffic to your website. It is important to exchange links or get one-way links from relevant sites. Make sure you are using important keywords because your links anchor text and not a word like ‘click here’ or something you don’t want to rank well for in search engines. That is where the term ‘Link Popularity’ comes into play which is used to describe the amount of website that link to your website. Link Popularity is one of the most important contributing factors that the Search Engines use to determine page rankings. The Internet is the ultimate democracy. Generally, the site with the most “votes” (links) wins the highest rankings. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN interpret a link from page A to page B as a “vote.”

Link popularity can be simply defined as the total number of qualified web sites or web pages linking to your web site. Measuring the link popularity of your web pages is the key to achieving a front page position on the search engines.Backlinks or Inbound Links (IBLs) are links on another website that point to your site.  Search engines count IBLs as a “vote” for the quality of your website.  If you have many links pointing to your site, you have many “votes”, making your site more popular. Building a strong network of “votes” for your website in relation to your targeted keywords is absolutely essential, and must be done correctly and substantially.Link Popularity is important to search engine optimization as it is the most efficient way to increase traffic to your web site and to boost your search engine rankings. Increasing your link popularity is both time consuming and laborious but it does bring its rewards.

Link Popularity Building can be used alone or in conjunction with any of the other search engine optimization services we offer. It is highly recommended that this option be purchased along with any full search engine optimization services. Increasing the links to your site will usually increase your rankings within the major search engines.

Building Quality Back Links Prices & Services

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Most of the major search engines offer Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Impression advertising. This can be a very effective and affordable way to bring targeted traffic to your website. Pay-Per-Click ads are the small blocks of advertising you usually see running down the right hand side of the page after doing a search on Google or Yahoo. When the ads are Pay-Per-Click, it means you only pay when someone clicks on them and ends up on your website. When they are Pay-Per Impression, you only pay when they appear online in response to someone’s search.

On most PPC advertising, you bid on a set of selected keywords and set a daily or monthly budget.  When a user types in the keywords, the search engine decides whether or not to show your ad based on the amount you bid.  When your budget runs out, your ads are no longer displayed.  This gives you control over the amount of money you want to spend each month.PPC advertising takes a lot of studying to do right, and can cost a decent amount of money, but if your site is well designed and converts well, or you are just looking for traffic, it can be a very powerful marketing tool when done right. For Tips on having an unfair advantage over your competition on writing Google Adwords click here.

We provide the following in PPC Management:

1. Pricing in your budget
2. Website Analysis to understand your website’s PPC requirements.
3. Extensive Keywords Research
4. Selection of Optimal Keywords.
5. Finding Keywords that would appear higher on lower bid amounts.
6. Campaign Reports.

PayPer Click Services and Pricing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising evolved from the way people use search engines to offer you online advertising for any ‘keyword phrase’ that is related to your business. When people conduct searches on the internet, they first get on a search engine site like Google, MSN, or Yahoo to name a few, then they key in a ‘keyword phrase’ of what they are looking for.
With PPC advertising you decide exactly who sees your advertisement by selecting the most relevant keywords, thus maximizing on your advertising spending.
PPC allows you to calculate REAL advertising cost and ACCURATE conversion rate.
PPC is advertising at a PROMINENT spot.
PPC advertising you can also track the individual results of each keyword phrase, which means keywords producing the best results and those producing no results are easily identified.

Getting the Right Domain Name:

If you still have to register a domain please contact us for getting the right name for your business. It may not be the same name as your company’s but some names (with the right keywords) come way up in search engines faster than others.For Example: Our client had a website They sell crystal embellished garments and the biggest seller for them is the tank tops with crystals on them. After a thorough keyword search related to their site (which took over 3 hrs) we advised them The site was in page #1 of Google, yahoo & MSN in less than 3 weeks after all the other SEO we did for it under keywords like (crystal tops, crystal jackets, crystal jeans, crystal belts etc). It would have taken longer to get the same results with (Other SEO companies won’t tell you this as they want your money for longer period by showing you slow and steady results). We obviously wrote ‘Welcome to Pretty-Things’ on their Home Page so their existing customers knew that they were at the right place JIf we build your site, you can avail this service for FREE other wise we can suggest a better domain for a nominal fee.

Registering Domain Names Services & Prices

Make your domain name easy to read.  Domain names are sometimes rather long.  Long names with a number of words running together can sometimes be difficult to read. Capitalization of each word can make it easier to read.For example: is easier to read than It does not matter whether your customer capitalizes your domain name or email address when typing it.

Press Releases

A press release to your local papers or business association publication may encourage readers to checkout your website. Find newsworthy events (like new products, new employees, an expansion), and write that press release.  Remember that there could also be websites ready to accept your press release.

Press Release Services & Pricing

Send Newsletters or Specials via Emails

If building your web site thru us, we provide you a built in tool that lets you make and send professional looking Bulk Emails and Newsletters for Free. Yes, with your built in tool there is no extra charge for sending unlimited bulk e mails. It also collects the e mails of your customers and separately of people signing up for your newsletter. You can also make separate folders and add e mails separately in them.For example businesses doing trade shows around the country can make separate folder for different cities and add the emails of their clients in the respective folders. Suppose you have a show coming in Chicago. Just design a professional looking email from your tools menu, click on the ‘Chicago Folder’ and hit send. All your clients in Chicago only would receive that particular e mail letting them know of your specials and booth #’s etc. Collect email addresses from your customers.  Request their permission to send email specials or newsletters.

Providing offers and information is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers.  Each email offer or newsletter should encourage readers to visit your website for more information. If your customer opts to receive the email, it is not considered spam.  However, you must always include accurate contact information and provide a method for your customer to opt out of your mailing list.

News-Letter Services & Pricing

Use an Email Signature

Most email programs allow you to add a signature to your email.  Use that signature to promote your website, a new service, or special offer. Your signature should include a company name, address, phone number, web address, e-mail address, and a short phrase describing a unique business offering or special.

Use an Email Address from Your Domain

Often, we see people who have a domain name and a website using email addresses from free mail services like Hotmail, Yahoo mail, or email from their ISP, like AOL or Comcast.  You can promote your website with each and every email you send.For example:  Instead of using, make your email as This way every email promotes your website.

Social Bookmarking Sites

These sites can be a great way to promote your site. A lot of people write articles and submit it to these sites in order to drive traffic to that article and then onwards to their site and hope the article will get book marked a lot.

Social Book marking Sites Submission Services & Pricing

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are often overlooked as a way to market a website or blog. Having lots of friends and access to groups can be a good way to contact a lot of people in an easy and efficient manner. Most social networking sites also have forums and classifieds that you can post in. With just one post in them, your link can be picked up by search engine real fast (in some cases in less than a day)

Contact us for a list of Social Networking Sites

Tutorial Sites

Submitting tutorials is a great way to get traffic to your website via a link. A lot of designers submit tutorials to sites like the ones below, and get a lot of exposure. Most of these tutorials sites are very well ranked so getting a link on them can be very good for your website or blog.

Portfolio Sites

There are many websites that host portfolios of designers and artists. By submitting your work to their sites you will often get a lot of exposure to your own site by way of a link.

Post to a Newsgroup (or Forum)

There’s always a newsgroup or forum involved in discussions relevant to your site. You can find a great variety of newsgroups at Google Groups, which allows you to search all of the Usenet newsgroups for a particular term or phrase.Post a message to a suitable newsgroup using Outlook Express (or other newsreader software), or via Google’s news-group site, or via the forum itself. Again it is important you write something attractive using keyword optimizing techniques with a link to your site or a signature file. That will ensure you get some traffic from that post.

Word of Mouth

Though it a very basic way of marketing your site, it still happens to be effective. All you have to do is tell all your family, friends and co-workers about your new site or blog and let them do the work! Just by visiting your site they will help you bring its rankings higher. It doesn’t hurt to ask them to forward the link further to everyone in their ‘inbox’.

Banner Advertising

The difficulty in banner advertising is simply creating a very alluring banner design in the amount of space specified. Some sites don’t let you create animated banners, but if you have a very intriguing static banner on a good site it can get you traffic for sure.The best way to do this is to manually search for websites and blogs related to your site and contact them for a banner exchange.

Classified Ads

Classified ads are a common way to easily make posts for free, and reach large amounts of people. They tend to work better for service-based websites, but one can also drive traffic to other types of sites as well.  One of the first places to start will be

Have an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a win-win opportunity for you and your potential partners (affiliates or associates). Apart from the instant sales force you develop, which tries to generate leads or sales for your business, you can create lots of links back to your site. And your affiliates gain from adding products or services to sell on their site.


Creating videos has become very popular since the creation of You Tube and other video-based sites. This ties into viral marketing and is a good way to get people interested in your blog or website. It is most common to show or say the URL of your website at the beginning and/or end of a video, or tie it into your video site profile some how.


Blogs are a great way to reach a lot of people in a fast manner. They take a lot of work, and to make a blog really effective they need to be updated with fresh content at least several times a week. A lot of websites will have a blog in addition to a main website as a sort of news system for their main site, or just as a way to drive traffic to a website.


Networking can have many benefits to promoting your site. I am always adding people on instant messaging services and talking to people related to my field. By networking and making friends in the business you can learn from each other and help each other which will benefit your site.The best way to do this is to meet people in forums or on sites related to yours and chat via instant messengers. I usually run 5 different instant messengers that are all filled with business contacts and friends.

Pod Casting

This is basically creating audio files and then letting your users download or stream them via a link on your website or blog or via RSS feeds. This is a good alternative to creating videos if you don’t have a video camera or don’t like being on film. I have seen many sites successfully offer audio downloads as a way of bringing users a large amount of information quickly. You can even post on and hire voice over talent for your pod casts at affordable prices.

Free Shipping/ Giveaways

It is v important to check your competition and offer something better online. A lot of searches are done by adding the keyword word ‘free shipping’.For example: ‘Discount Perfumes with free shipping’, ‘Cheap Curve Cologne with Free Shipping’ etc.Also offer a free item if someone spends over certain amount on your site. A lot of customers may not your prices but will see the ‘free shipping’ or a ‘free gift with purchase’ offer.

You can even have your customers to sign up for free weekly or monthly drawings. When someone wins, send emails to every customer telling the winner’s names with a ‘specials’ link to your site.

Your email address will never be rented, traded or sold. We guarantee your confidentiality.