So many people are realizing what a good idea it is to make use of MySpace to promote their music.  Perhaps you are wondering how to go about doing this so that as many people as possible will check out your profile.  If that is the case, then read on for some great ways of making that happen.

**  First, and most importantly, you must remain patient and always stay motivated, which means that you need to log in to your account each and every day and try your best to bring people there to hear your music.  Many people are not able to do this because they believe that simply having a MySpace account is all that is required.  It is important to keep in mind that it might take a while before you receive any comments about your music, as folks may decide to listen to it more than one time before proceeding with their comments, etc.  Never contact people more than once or twice because you will look like you are spamming them.

**  Next, embark on the task of adding friends, the more you add, the better off you will be in the long run.  Naturally, add your everyday, lifelong friends and family, and then proceed from there to continue adding as many as you can.  Also, it is a great idea to do a search for friend adder websites to get even more friends.  There is no cost to use these sites.  Remember, you can never have too many friends and the chances of someone happening upon your profile and hearing your music will be that much better.  Having a lot of friends means that more people will see any bulletins or comments you happen to make about any new music you are working on.

**  MySpace has many resources that are free for you to utilize, including blogs, comments, bulletin, blurbs, messages and status.  You will benefit greatly by using these to get your information out there.  A good rule of thumb is to post that information no more than four times throughout the whole day.  You could come up with really attention-getting titles, games and contests or even free stuff.  For instance, here’s an example – “Get a free shirt and hat when you purchase my music”.  This is a very creative way to get people interested in listening to your music.

**  Lastly, you want to bring folks to your MySpace page and have them come back again, so having a great layout is critical.   A MySpace design is what you need to look into getting in order for your page to be representative of you, not any other artist.  When making that decision to hire a MySpace designer, be certain that you have done your research well and know about the quality of graphics and have compared prices.  You are not going to get people to come back to your page if it has too much stuff on it, a lot of glittery graphics or is a challenge to read.  Put yourself in their place for a moment.

So, if you are looking to promote your music on MySpace, the information you just read is really going to help you out.

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