What exactly is web 2.0 and why is it such a big phenomenon these days?  It is everywhere and people are dealing in it, with it, online. You may end up getting confused when you look for a definition for web 2.0. Broadly speaking web 2.0 is what has made the internet the way it is today. The interaction the users are enjoying with any website they deal with, the exchange of data and software and expressing and mainly blogging is all possible thanks to the invention and development of web 2.0

Web 2.0 can be termed as the platform of the network which spans all connected services so that users can use them more efficiently, so that they are more user friendly and interactive, so that data from various sources can be remixed and data can be presented in the best way possible and going beyond the paper perfect image on web1.0

Why is it so important to have web 2.0 for your website? Web 1.0 was the older version and web 2.0 has been named so because it is the upgraded and much better version. But the differences do not end there. In web 1.0, the user was just a spectator taking up all the information the website was providing just by reading it. With web 2.0 the user has become a friend of the website by interacting with it which makes the surf more fun and worthwhile. With web 2.0 blogs have become a huge phenomenon. Blogging has caught on like a house on fire thanks to web 2.0 which has made it all possible.

Blogging gives creative and expressive freedom to anyone, anywhere. People can speak their mind and be their expressive best with blogs. Blogging is similar to writing and maintaining a private diary which is only not private. You can keep your blogs on the internet private or you can share them with everybody. The look of web 2.0 is also very appealing. It shows a predominantly white background with bright colors. Websites use clear, larger fonts which are easy to read and understand.

One of the most pertinent reasons to have web 2.0 is that it offers better functionality for interaction with websites. Some of the web 2.0 off spawn websites which revolutionized social networking are Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Thanks to the advanced enhacement of web 2.0 these social networking websites offer the users better interaction with eachother whereby they can exchange ideas, comments, videos, links and much more.  Social book marking and social networking are immensely compatible with web 2.0 because and they have revolutionized the way the internet is being used today for anything and every purpose.

If you hire a web 2.0 service then you can let them do all the work for you. You could use their services to get on any popular social networking website, you can write and post blogs and share information and even acquire knowledge about any subject you want to. Web 2.0 is perhaps the greatest online development since the World Wide Web and it is making a sweeping change in the way internet technology is being used.

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